Tuesday, 25 October 2011


This is a quick and easy recipe, great for finishing the Philadelphia that you have in the fridge ( I always have some, the packages are too big and I never know how to use it!). You can use speck instead of bacon or chives instead of rosemary and sage. 

Ingredients for 8 rolls:

160 g Philadelphia cheese
400 g chicken breasts
50 gr walnuts
8 bacon slices
1 tbs sage and rosemary

Chop the walnuts with the herbs in a food processor and mix with the Philadelphia cheese. Place one tbs of the mixture in the middle of the chicken breast slices and fold them. Wrap all rolls in bacon slices and fix with cotton string so that they cannot open while cooking. Put some olive oil in a pan and brown the rolls on all sides, then cook for other ten minutes at low heat. Add salt and pepper and serve.

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