Monday, 28 November 2011


Let's confess: it happens to everyone sometimes! To me it happens everytime I try a variation to the Pan di Spagna. Less eggs and more ingredients.... maybe I mix them in the wrong way, maybe it's the baking powder or the oven's fault (the most common excuse!) ... or maybe there's a mistake in the the way, it happens and when it does you never know what to do with the poor outcome. This is what I made the last two times it happened. 

The first time, it was a simple cake, just flour, eggs, butter, the usual stuff.  I cut the cake in two halves, then, using cutters of different shapes I cut hearts, stars, moons etc. Then I filled the little cakes with Nutella, sprinkled some Icing sugar on the top...and this was the result! It was for a children party and they disapperead in no time!

Second time...last Saturday. We had guests for dinner and I wanted to make orange cake filled with orange cream and covered with dark chocolate (maybe too ambitious?).So I did like the previous time, cut the cake into two halves, made an orange cream (same procedure as Custard, but with orange juice instead of milk), filled the little cakes with it and covered them with melted chocolate. They were actually quite good.

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  1. bella idea, poi pieni di nutella chi resiste!!!!complimenti per il sito, e per l'idea! posso chiederti di pubblicare la ricetta della famosa torta di mele inglese con la ricetta originale (magari perĂ² con pesi in grammi, piuttosto che in cup etc)? mi fa impazzire! a beneficio di noi italiane i Italia :-))))un caro saluto!