Thursday, 17 January 2013


I had to post this recipe, as this is the typical dish of my native town! San Daniele ham is like Parma ham, but it tastes a bit sweeter and the quality is supposed to be better. I could find some in Waitrose but I usually bring it from Italy. You can find it also on This recipe is delicious and very easy to make... unfortunately it's not "light", but best foods never are!!!!!!

250 g Tagliolini pasta ( it's like tagliatelle but thinner-I usually buy De Cecco)
250 ml single cream
200 g San Daniele ham (chopped)
4 slices San Daniele ham
30 g butter
poppy seeds for decoration

Cook the tagliolini following the instructions on the package.

While they're cooking, chop the ham, then slightly cook in a pan where the butter has melted.

Add the cream, and when hot add the Parmesan cheese  and mix.

Drain the Tagliolini and put them in the sauce pan mixing well.

Serve with a ham slice and some poppy seeds on the top.

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