Friday, 7 October 2011


Today we have celebrated Sebastian's first birthday. Last night before falling asleep I have been overwhelmed by memories. The pain , the race by cab to the hospital in the middle of the night, the worry for having left Niki with friends ... but with my husband by my side everything seemed bearable,easier, special. And then after many hours Sebi came to the  world and changed our lives. Thank you my angel for being with us. This is my present for you. Happy birthday.
Ingredients for 8/10 people:
For the cake base
6 eggs
180 g sugar
75 g flour
75 g cornflour
A pinch of salt

For the mascarpone cream

2 yolks
1 egg white
250 gr mascarpone
70 gr sugar
60 gr dark chocolate chunks
70 gr white chocolate curls ( I purchased them on Amazon, but you can simply grate some white chocolate)
Ahead of time, take out from the fridge the six eggs.
Whip the whole eggs mixed with the sugar and a pinch of salt with an egg beater for about 20 minutes until stiff peaks. The volume of the preparation should rise about 4 times the starting ingredients. The colour of the whipped eggs should be pale yellow.
Slowly add the strained flour mixing constantly from the bottom upwards.
Transfer the dough in a greased and floured baking pan. Bake for 40 minutes at 150 degrees or until ready. A well cooked sponge cake usually detaches easily from the walls of the baking pan.
In the meantime (I actually made the base yesterday and the cream and decoration today), you can make the cream:
Whip the yolks and the egg white mixed with the sugar for about 10 minutes; then add the mascarpone and the chocolate chunks and mix gently with a wooden spoon.
At this point you need some syrup to spread on the base of the cake, that has to be cut in half.
Just put 100 ml of water in a pan with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a piece of lemon peel. Bring to the boil and after a few minutes turn off the heath. When cold or lukewarm pour onto he two halves of the cake. Than spread 2/3 of the mascarpone cream and "close"the cake.  Spread the rest of the cream on top, then add the chocolate curls. Put in the fridge at least two hours before serving.

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